This symptom seen body indicates untimely death...
This symptom seen body indicates untimely death...

All over the world, many changes occur within a person with age. Yes and usually the old age of a human being depends on genetics and lifestyle. Yes, we all know that with age, the tiredness of a human being also increases. However, according to a new study, fatigue can indicate the premature death of a person. Yes, a recent study published in the Journal of Gerontology: Medical Sciences revealed that mental and physical exhaustion caused by stress can indicate a person's early death. Yes, and 2,906 samples aged 60 years or older were looked at for this study.

Let us all tell you that the volunteers who participated in this study were asked by the researchers on the level of exhaustion on a scale of one to five based on some activities and it included 30 minutes of walk, light housework and heavy gardening. After understanding all the factors that influenced the mortality rate, the researchers found that volunteers who participated in the actuaries who felt more tired had a higher risk of untimely death. These risks included factors such as depression, pre-existing or no incurable disease, age and gender. At the same time, Nancy W. Glynn, associate professor at the Epidemiology Department of Pitts Graduate School of Public Health and lead author of the study, says, "This is a time when people are making new resolutions on New Year's to stay more physically fit. I hope our statistics will help people understand the importance of exercise.''

At the same time, in a study conducted in the past, there were indications that being more physically active reduces the level of fatigue inside a human being. While ours is the first study that has linked more severe physical fatigue to early death. At the same time, it was also reported that the lower scores on the scale indicate a more energetic and longer life of the human being. According to a previous study, a regular 15-minute physical activity daily can add up to three years in a person's life.

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