These changes in the legs give signs of serious illness

Jul 21 2019 09:58 AM
These changes in the legs give signs of serious illness

Any changes or malfunctions in any part of our body sometimes indicate a disease. You can also learn from the signs of the disease from the foot. Whether they have a change in colour or shape or any swelling, everyone cautions us that we are going to be vulnerable to a serious disease. Today we're going to tell you how to find out about the disease with a foot sign.

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* If you have a day-to-day cramping problem in your foot, they point to a fluid deficiency in your body. In addition, it also indicates poor blood circulation.

* If your fingernail looks pale, it can be caused by a disease, not nail polish. A yellow lining or thickening of the nails indicates skin disease and cancer.

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* Pain in the ankles or numbness of the foot every day indicates that you may be suffering from diabetes or calcaneum. If this is the case, check-up immediately with the doctor. It also sometimes points to poor nervous systems.

* If your toes appear to be swollen, it indicates kidney problems or anaemia. In addition, tingling in the legs explains poor blood circulation and diabetes.

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* Staying always aching throughout the foot can be caused by lack of calcium, potassium and vitamins. At the same time, sometimes it points to arthritis and diabetes.

* Inflammation in the thumb indicates that your body may have increased the amount of uric acid. It indicates the problem of arthritis as well as an infection.

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