Feng Shui tips associated with Furniture that bring Honor, money, and respect along with it

May 24 2019 01:15 PM
Feng Shui tips associated with Furniture that bring Honor, money, and respect along with it

In Chinese Vastu Shastra, a variety of measures have been suggested to achieve progress and happiness in life. Some of these remedies are related to furniture and house furniture. If these measures are used properly, then it is of great benefit. Want to get happiness and prosperity in life, then you can try some tips from Feng Shui.

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According to Feng Shui Vastu Shastra, it is always auspicious to make the family photograph in a wooden frame for happiness and to apply it on the wall of the eastern side of the house. If you want to increase profits in multiples of your business, then wood furniture and decorative items should be kept in the eastern part. In this direction the habit of positive energy always remains. Dyes have special significance in Feng Shui, so it is always auspicious to use light colored furniture at home and office. Negative energy is in positive and dark colors in light colors. Fengshui has also been told that light furniture should be placed north or east direction while heavy furniture should be kept in the west and south direction. The texture of the furniture should always be simple and not smooth, not spherical and spiky. Such furniture give negative energy.

These days the trend of feng shui measures has increased in India. Feng Shui is related to Chinese Vastu Shastra. Feng Shui is based on water and air. In the same way in Indian Vastu Shastra, it is used in everyday life to prevent negative forces and to increase positive energy in life, in the same way, Chinese Vastu Shastra is also Feng Shui. By adopting many tips from Feng Shui, we can make positive changes in our lives.

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