FIFA World cup 2018: Google dedicates it doodle for the event

Jun 14 2018 08:47 AM
FIFA  World cup 2018: Google dedicates it doodle for the event


The much-awaited event is right here. Today is the opening ceremony of   FIFA World Cup 2018. The global event will be in Russia!
The matches will be in 11 cities scheduled at 12 locations.In all,32 teams from all over the world will be competing for the top position.
This year Google will dedicate 32 doodles officially. Each doodle will  be made by artists from the countries. It will display on all the culture of that country, an extremely good way to integrate and show sportsmanship. A total of 64 matches will take place.
The theme of this year’s FIFA world cup doodle will be "What football looks like in my country."
Today's Doodle collage (14th June 2018) is created by Gluekit, displaying the diverse art to come by incorporating elements from the 32 unique guest-artist Doodles.
20 teams will be repeating their appearances while 12 teams are new to the world platform.
We’re eager to watch the matches and see who wins as well as to see each day’s different doodle. To get a glimpse of all the cultures of the participating countries in the FIFA world cup 2018, tune into google doodle each day.
Today’s doodle is:

let us know what do think about this doodle in the comment section below.

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