FIFA world Cup 2018 : Russia vs Saudi Arabia Match schedule and prediction

Jun 14 2018 11:18 AM
FIFA world Cup 2018 : Russia vs Saudi Arabia  Match schedule  and prediction

The first match of FIFA world cup 2018 is between the host country Russia and Saudi Arabia.
Russia vs Saudi Arabia (Group A) - Moscow (Luzhniki) - 8.30 pm IST
Russia’s football team haven’t earned any success since the last eight months. But now the tables might turn.
 This tournament’s official animal Soothsayer is Achilles,  who is a deaf white cat.
 On Wednesday, the prediction happened so that the cat had to choose a bowl of food bearing the host’s flag. The Russian flag was chosen over that of Saudi Arabia. The match will start at 8:30 pm IST at the Luzhniki Stadium. 

Saudi Arabia:
Saudi Arabia’s preparation for the tournament has been well. Yahya Al Shehri scored Saudi Arabia's only goal in a 2-1 defeat to the Azzurri, he will not be present in this year’s world cup.
Preparations for Russia have been not even close to ideal since qualifying for the fifth World Cup. Coaches of the team have been fired.
After losing to  Portugal and Bulgaria last month. Bauza had been appointed as the new coach of the team. The main aim is to come up with a remarkable performance in this world cup with the changes in the coach.
Russia hasn’t been on the top ranks as well. It went through a draw as the lowest-ranked of the 32 teams. They failed at taking any place in the groups since 2008. Now, they hope not think of reaching the top after the failing performances coming from the team.
Thy last won a match against South Korea in October 2017.
After which they bagged continuously five failures.

Let us see who wins the match today, probable chances are of Russia as predicted by Achilles 

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