FIH introduces new rules for penalty corners

The International Hockey Federation (FIH) has introduced a new rule in an effort to make the game safer for the players. According to which the players defending the penalty corner are going to be allowed to use their safety equipment even after the ball goes out of the striking circle.

This forces players defending the former penalty corner to remove their safety equipment inside the circle immediately after the flick is taken. But FIH has initiated initiatives to make it more effective by changing its Rule 4.2. This rule relates to the removal of security equipment for the penalty corner. FIH Sports Director and two-time Olympian John Wyatt said in a statement that "Rule 4.2 has been changed. The player is now going to continue running with the ball with his safety equipment forever, but he has to remove the device immediately when he exits the 23-metre area. ’’

"No player will be able to play outside the 23 m area at any time using a safety device for a penalty corner," Wyatt said. It has been brought in to protect the players so that the players can pay more attention to the game and they do not have to remove the equipment under pressure conditions. He has said that "it has also been 'trialled' at the FIH Hockey Men's Junior World Cup in Bhubaneswar in December 2021 and was supported by coaches, players and officials. ’’

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