Fill rainwater in a bowl and place it in the corner and then see the miracle

Jun 14 2019 06:59 PM
Fill rainwater in a bowl and place it in the corner and then see the miracle

In today's times, there are many astrological remedies and tips that can also improve and spoil the chord of the people. Talk about water without water, life cannot be imagined. Yes, you must know that the water is essential for the body as much as it is in the Vastu Shastra. Yes, in modern times, Vastu Shastra has given some water remedies that can be very simple for you and can affect your life.

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It is said that if a person does these measures, he can avoid a variety of troubles in life, while some water measures also help in the growth of wealth. With this, we are telling you about certain water-related measures here, let us know about these. The homologous of Vastu Shastra put water in a bowl and place it on the roof, and after the sunshine, sprinkle the water on the mango leaves with the name of God. If you do this, it is the mother Lakshmi who pleases and increases the money in the house.

With this, if you want to make your marital life happy, put the rain water in a glass bottle and place it in the bedroom. Doing so makes the architectural right of the bedroom and does not quarrel between the husband and wife, and the two are always very much in love.

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