Film 83 could not earn much on the third day of its release

Ranveer Singh's most awaited movie 83 has been released on Friday. Fans have been waiting for the release of this movie for a long time. Earlier the movie was scheduled to release last year, but the release of the movie was postponed due to covid. Now the box office information on the first day of the film has come to light . According to reports, the movie has done a turnover of Rs 12 crore on the first day.

Ranveer's movie has done well on the first day. The movie is going to earn more spectacularly over the weekend right now. According to reports, the film has received good reviews from critics so now let's see how the audience is going to get a response. Talking about the movie, Ranveer Singh is seen playing kapil dev in it. Deepika Padukone is playing kapil dev's wife Romi Dev in the movie. However Deepika's role in the film is small.

So many crores earned on the second day: Reports say that Ranveer Singh's movie for Christmas has benefited. The movie has earned a lot of good money on the second day. According to a box office report, the movie earned Rs 16 crore on the second day, after which the movie's total has gone up to Rs 28 crore. According to the report, box office collections will increase by 30-35 percent. Earn so many crores on day 3: The collection for the third day of the movie was only Rs 17 crore. Which is much less than expected. The film was said to be collecting well on holidays but the figures came just the opposite. The film has collected a total of Rs 45 crore so far.

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