final exam and first-year admission stalled by government and UGC

Jul 30 2020 10:33 AM
final exam and first-year admission stalled by government and UGC

You all must know that between different orders of the Government and University Grant Commission of India (UGC), the results and admission of thousands of students have been stuck. Yes, there is a situation of confusion about the final year students. There is confusion as to whether universities have to conduct examinations for this or not. It is being said that until the final decision of the examination of these final year students is not taken, then the first-year admissions of postgraduate (post graduate) classes will not be possible. In such a situation, we should also tell you that a situation of confusion has been maintained on it so far. By the way, admission process has been started in the remaining semesters in universities.

Indira Gandhi University (IGU) Mirpur has released the schedule of depositing the fees of the students who have been promoted for the rest of the semester, except for the first year admissions in the departments operating in the university campus. Orders for depositing fees can come from August 1. Actually, there will be a time of 10 days for this. At the same time, it is being told that those who deposit the fee can be fined.

Penalty to be imposed after August 10 - In fact, the date of depositing fees of students promoted in various undergraduate and postgraduate courses has been given by IGU. Accordingly, students of the third, fifth, seventh and ninth semesters are ordered to fill their fees from August 1 to August 10 without late fee. It is being told that if the fees are not deposited by then, then penalty will be imposed. According to the released schedule, after August 10, the fee can be deposited till August 16 with a late fee of Rs 1000 and till August 31 with a late fee of Rs 2 thousand. With this, fees can be deposited through online. For submission online, complete information has been uploaded on the university's website

Waiting for the government's decision - Let us tell you that the government has instructed that the preparations for the promotion of final year students from the university and for the first year admission are almost complete. Admission is to be done online only. Along with this, in case of not having an exam, software has been asked to promote students with average marks based on previous marks. At the same time, the situation is not clear yet.

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