Finance Minister says "Government will make a new policy for investment"

New Delhi: The government which has come under the target of critics due to the ongoing slowdown in the Indian economy is under tremendous pressure to accelerate the economy. Therefore, the government keeps on proclaiming relief measures from time to time. In this episode, the central government has taken another major decision. The central government is preparing to formulate a separate policy for companies intending to invest in India after leaving China. Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said that "industries coming out of China are definitely looking towards India. Now it is necessary for the government to join hands with them. I will prepare the policy for this and contact them and tell them how India can be a more favorable place for them".

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The Finance Minister further said "India can be the best option for investment. Companies which are operating in Vietnam, now manpower is not available according to the expansion of the business there. Regarding trade between India and the US", Sitharaman said that there could be a trade agreement between the two countries soon. After meeting US Finance Minister Steven Newkin on Saturday at the International Monetary Fund, Sitharaman said that the governments of the two countries were working at a fast pace on the trade deal and soon some consensus could be reached on the issue. The Finance Minister has expressed disappointment over not increasing India's quota in IMF.

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