Find out what each alphabet in your name brings into your life

Feb 04 2019 07:40 PM
Find out what each alphabet in your name brings into your life

Peoples believe that name alphabets bring positive influence into their life, while others think of it as a unique identity.It means being ‘specific’. In normal sense, a ‘name’ is a set of words or letters, which serves as a definite identity of a person. People around the world based on their legacy, religious or cultural background, chose a name, by which they establish their existence in the world.

Seldom people chose their own name. Most of the times, they get their names from their parents, or family at the time of their birth, sometimes during their Naamkaran or christening ceremonies called as. Back in those times, names were meant to serve as piece of identification, but in today’s time they are a mirror to our religion, society, native values. Did you know that every letter of our name has its own vibrations, which continuously influences our personality? From our birth till death, our name is the only constant thing that remains with us, sometimes even after we pass away. Someone once told me that our soul is connected with our core through the bond of name.
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Our name not only helps us with our identification, but also affects our life, success and future. Below, you’ll find out what each alphabet in our name brings along with it…

For alphabets A,I, J, Y or Q

A person, who has a A, I, J Y, Q or a repetition of these letters, then it means they are overtly ambitious and will remain so their entire life. They love their freedom and avoid chances that could endanger it; even if it means moving away from their loved ones.

For B, R or K

Those who have a B, R or a K in their names, grow on to be quite sensitive in nature. They are very touchy and are extremely possessive. Their insecurities in life, would always remain a hindrance

For C, G, S or L

If your name has a either a C, G, S or L, then it indicates a good nature and wisdom. You’ll be known for you sweet, kind and caring nature. Throughout your life, you’ll enjoy being people’s favourite. They will grow up to have a musical talent.

For D, M or T

A person, who has a either D, M or a T in their name are hard working individuals. Such people have a great business sense and must try to start something of their own. These people often find success, when they start working for their own selves.

For E, N, H or X,
 Having an E, N, and H or X, boost monetary gains in your life. You guys would never have to actually worry about how money would make its way into your life. The more financially sound you get, you’ll be equally reckless about saving it or using it for your and other’s good.

For P, or F,

An individual, who has letters P, or F, or their repetition in their name turn out to be quite successful in lives. They have a great mind and would be known around to use it on the right time. Your personality is what will affect the people around you.

For  V, U or W

If a person has V, U or W in their name, then it means these people are humanely grounded and are big time empaths. They never run away from responsibilities or chance to help someone in need. They will remain deeply and emotionally connected with their families. They’ll always have kind luck on their side.

For O,  Z

Having an O, a Z, or its repetition in your name indicates you have deep connection with religion. You’ll be always involved in religion work and charity. You’ll be academically driven and stubborn by nature.

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