Finland is best Country if you love travelling

Oct 21 2018 02:45 PM
Finland is best Country if you love travelling

Finland is a very beautiful country. This year, Finland has been included in the list of the world's happiest countries. In earlier times, Finland was called "Land of Sorrow", but in the past 7 years Finland made a lot of progress and changed its image and surprised the whole world. If you want to go somewhere, Finland can be a perfect option for you.

Finland has been ranked first in the list of "Happy Indexes" this year. This makes it clear that Finland is one of the happiest countries. Finland is the most stable and safe country. In 2015, the rate of murder was just 1.28% on the population of one lakh. The police here are also very capable and trustworthy. Here the police and the Internet are placed on the second largest position in the world.

Finland's weather is also very beautiful. It is very cold here, yet the weather here is very pleasant. In the summer season it is dark at 12:00 in the night. At 10:00 in the night before, you will feel like an evening. In the cold days, it remains much darker here. The sun is visible for a short while in the afternoon.

The lapland is very cool and beautiful place in Finland. There is a lot of time here in the night. From here to March to June, it is perfect. Because at this time the weather here is cold and luminous all the time. Here you can see continuously colored light up to 200 nights. Whose look is very beautiful.

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