Fire breaks out in ICU medanta hospital, patients in bad condition

Indore: A fire broke out in a medical ICU on the fourth floor of Medanta Hospital in Vijay Nagar area of Indore city of Madhya Pradesh on Sunday evening. More than a dozen patients were admitted when the accident took place. Out of these, 4-5 patients were on ventilator. As soon as the fire broke out, smoke started rising in the ICU and there was a commotion. The smoke caused nervousness to the patients and caused them breathing problems. The family members of the patients immediately informed the staff present on the spot about the fire after which the fire fighting exercise started.

As soon as the same fire was reported, the admitted patients were transferred one by one to the third floor in the ICU. The patients placed on ventilator were last shifted. The accident has raised questions about the fire safety of the hospital. Family members of the patients say they themselves had informed the hospital staff about the fire.

The same alarm was not sounded while the management claims that a fire safety alarm was sounded in the control room on the ground floor. The district collector has ordered an inquiry into the matter. The investigation team consists of ADM Pawan Jain, CMHO Dr BS Satya, Fire Safety Officer and officials of power company. The investigating team will submit its report to the District Collector after investigation. The fire broke out around 6pm on Sunday. According to the family members of the admitted patients in ICU on the fourth floor of the hospital, they were ranked third, fourth and fifth in the hospital. Suddenly, they noticed that smoke had started rising from the medical ICU. Seeing this, he was scared and immediately ran within the ICU.

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