Incidents continue to rise in Aligarh, fire again in congested area

For the last few days, the chain of incidents in many parts of UP has been catching up fast, every day after hearing the news of many such big incidents, there has been an atmosphere of fear on everyone's face. Not only that, from whom the story of these incidents is going, now everyone is asking the same question, whether it is safe to live in our own homes in today's time or not. Today, we have brought a similar case for you, which will be surprised after hearing it.

On Tuesday morning in the Aligarh district of UP, people of the stone market of the congested area of ​​the city became restless. A fire broke out there. In which the mattress of Thermocol was loaded. It is also being said that the fire was caused by the spark emanating from the electric wires of the monkeys. 

According to the information received, There was an outcry among the people living nearby. When other people got information about this, he became restless. People did not wait for fire but they started to extinguish the fire. It is said that the fire was caused by the spark emanating from the electric wires. However, it has not yet been officially confirmed.

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