Nuclear plant engulfed in flames, officials said no loss of life

Jul 03 2020 03:57 PM
Nuclear plant engulfed in flames, officials said no loss of life

Many countries of the world use nuclear plants to meet their energy needs. Because unlimited power can be generated with the help of a nuclear plant. Many countries lack resources to produce energy. Hence nuclear plants are used. A fire broke out in Iran's important Natanz nuclear plant on Thursday. Confirming the incident, Iranian officials said that there was no report of any casualty in it. He said that the plant is running as before.

There has been no news of a terrible accident after the fire. News of the deadly radiation from the nuclear plant damaged by the fire has not yet been received. But Iran's Atomic Energy Organization has denied this. Organization's spokesperson told government news agency Irna that work was already halted in the damaged part. Governor of Natanz city Ramadanali Firdausi said that the work of controlling the fire has been started.

According to media reports, this Iran nuclear plant spread over one lakh square meters is built eight meters from the ground surface. Because of this, there is a danger of spreading radiation there. Iran's nuclear facilities are being monitored by the United Nations (UN), surrounded by allegations of misuse of dangerous radioactive material uranium. The Natanz plant is also under the supervision of the UN.

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