Refused to serve chicken, 2 drunk men set dhaba on fire

Jan 11 2021 09:41 AM
Refused to serve chicken, 2 drunk men set dhaba on fire

Nagpur: Recently, a case of crime has come from Maharashtra. In fact, some drunken people have set ablaze dhaba in Nagpur, Maharashtra late in the night. It is said that the refusal of the dhaba man became the cause of the incident. In fact, he refused to give the chicken to drunken people, and that was why his Dhaba was burnt. Now, in this case, the police have registered a case and arrested the accused.

The case is being reported from The Beltarodi area of Nagpur. Shankar Tayade, 29, and Sagar Patel, 19, had arrived at a Dhaba on the roadside late last Sunday night. In the meantime, the two ordered chicken from the Dhaba owner, but it was about 1 o'clock in the night and the chicken was over in Dhaba. That is why the owner asked the two not to get chicken. After that, both were agitated and angry, and both set fire to the Dhaba. There was no casualty in the entire incident but the Dhaba was reported to have suffered a lot.

As soon as the police came to know about the incident, they immediately took action and arrested both the accused. He has since been taken to the police station where he is being interrogated. So far, many such cases have come to the fore from Nagpur. In the past, a man in the Manakpur area had murdered his friend only because he refused to make an egg curry.

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