Don't do these things while doing first aid

Sep 18 2019 06:14 PM
Don't do these things while doing first aid

Whenever you get hurt, you do the first thing that makes you think at that time. But for this it is necessary to have the right information, otherwise the primary treatment done by you can also cause problems. If someone gets hurt, you give him unintentional trouble, which can also cause harm to him. Often some mistakes made in first aid cause great problems. Today we are going to tell you about some similar mistakes that you should not make.

Shaking an injured person

Often people move the injured person to see if they are well or not. If a person is injured in front of you, never try to move him. By doing this, he may suffer a serious injury to the spinal cord and can also have a profound effect on the brain.

Hot stuff on sprains or fractures

Try to keep the broken bone firmly alert without moving it. Never put hot things on it because doing so may increase the risk of swelling in the affected area. It only gives you relief from pain, but does not help in treating sprains or fractures. Tighten the broken part with the help of cloth or bandage and tie it always with cold water or ice. You can do the same remedy for a sprain.

Taking dust out of the eye

Never rub your eye vigorously to remove dust mites as it may damage your eyes. In such problems, wash your eyes with clean and cold water, it can prove beneficial for you.

Burn snow

You should also avoid applying butter or toothpaste on the injured area. Instead, wash the burnt part thoroughly with cold water, then wipe it with a dry and clean cloth. Most people apply ice to the burnt part, but never do it because it can cause frost bite and damage the skin. By doing this, heat of the skin is released and swelling is reduced. Put bandage or gauze on the burn area. Do not use cotton, because its fibers can bother you by sticking to the wound.

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