Another shocking matter of honor killing, family members electrocuted their young daughter

Mumbai: A shocking case of honor killing is coming to the fore in Nanded, Maharashtra. Angered by the daughter's love affair, the family members killed her. Parents, maternal uncle, and cousins ​​were also among those who killed the girl. The father, maternal uncle, and cousins ​​accused of murder have been taken into custody by the police. At present, the accused mother has not been arrested. Police are also engaged in taking further action in the case.

Actually, the incident is of Pimpri Mahipal village of Limbgaon police station area of ​​Nanded. The police had received a tip-off that the daughter of Janardan Jogdand, a resident of the village, who was studying third year Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery (BHMS) was missing for a few days. The caller had expressed suspicion of the murder of the girl. After getting the information, the police reached the village and asked Janardan Jogdand about his daughter, but the police could not get a satisfactory answer to this question. After this, the police strictly questioned the family members, then the matter of honor killing come to the fore. 

During the interrogation by the police, it was revealed that Janardan Jogdand's daughter had a love affair with a young man from the village. The family members did not like this thing. Even after refusing, the daughter's contact with the young man did not end. Meanwhile, the family got the daughter engaged to someone else. But the boy came to know about the girl's love affair and the relationship broke up. The family members also got very angry on this matter.

The fear of defamation and talk of the daughter's love affair scared the family members so much that the parents, maternal uncle, and two cousins ​​took this dreadful step. On January 22, everyone together brutally electrocuted the girl to death. After this, they took the dead body of the girl to their farm and set it on fire. When the dead body was burnt to ashes, everyone returned home after shedding its ashes in a nearby drain.

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