First the husband was shot, then the soldiers in front of the children took turns to rape the mother.

A woman from Ukraine has been raped several times. During this time, her husband was shot to death. The children were in front of the woman at the time of the incident. Ukraine's MP Maria Magentseva made this claim in an interview with the media. On this, reports say that there have been incidents of rape of some women in Ukraine in the past. Ukraine's leader Maria Magentseva said: "This woman from Kyiv was raped in front of a child."

He said we're not going to be quiet in this case. After all, what must have happened to the mind of the child, in front of whom such a disgusting thing was done to his mother? Ukraine's Procant General Irina Vendiktowa also called for action in this regard. He says the Russian soldiers who entered the house were drunk. First, they killed the woman's husband, then repeatedly raped the woman. It is alleged that these soldiers did not stop here, they also threatened the innocent child after raping her. 

Ukraine's Procant General Irina Vendiktowa said two soldiers had earlier attacked the women in Browri, east Kyiv. One of the soldiers was also identified and charged. According to reports, a woman who had fled ukraine's city of Irpin last week had alleged that Russian soldiers were raping women and firing at them. The 30-year-old, Anatacia Taran, was working as a waitress before the Russian attack on Irpin. He said that Irpin has become hell at this time.


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