Japan: Less than 9 lakh child born in this year, report reveals
Japan: Less than 9 lakh child born in this year, report reveals

Tokyo: Less than 9 million babies were born this year in Japan, which is reeling under the problem of the dwindling population. According to the data released by the Ministry of Public Welfare of Japan on Tuesday, December 24, 2019, this year only 8 lakh 64 thousand children were born in the country. The system of collecting population data started in the country from 1899, since then it is the lowest figure for childbirth. In the year 2018, 9 lakh 18 thousand 4 hundred children were born in the country.

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According to the sources, the latest data also shows that the death toll in Japan this year was 5 lakh 12 thousand more than the birth. This is also the biggest difference between birth and death. Amid concerns of the dwindling population, the Government of Japan has expressed the hope that this year the birth rate will be 1.8%, slightly higher than the previous year's 1.42%. The current population of Japan is around 1268 million.

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Number of elderly people growing rapidly: The number of the elderly population of Japan is increasing rapidly. Its effect is also on the social and economic condition of the country. According to a report, most of the youth in Japan are also refusing to marry. Fewer children and less youth population continue to be a crisis for the country. Due to this, the pressure is being made for married women to have a second child so that the population can increase and the birth rate of the country can also increase.

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