First picture of Sun from the telescope surfaced

Washington: When the world's largest telescope started working on the island of America, then it focused its attention on the surface of the sun. Due to this, for the first time, the pictures came to the world in which the surface of the sun is seen shining like gold and glowing like a beehive and spreading and shrinking like a beehive. You have never seen this scene before, of course.

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Budhwar late night saw the first picture of the sun. According to the report, the pattern of the surface of the sun is like a honeycomb cell, which is visible on the surface of the entire sun. When these cells shrink and expand, strong heat comes out from their center. Daniel's Innoye Telescope has also made a 10-minute video of it. This shows that every 14 seconds there is turbulence on the surface of the sun. This video released covers an area of 200 million square kilometers. This area is equal to any big city or small country.

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The telescopes taking the picture is located on the Hawaiian island of Maui. This telescope will become more influential in the coming months. When some more equipment will be added to it. This telescope can be helpful in studying the expansion of the Sun's magnetic field.

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