First woman judge of Patna High Court, one of the oldest High Court of India

Patna: Justice Induprabha Singh, who was a judge for 17 years, having the distinction of being appointed the first woman judge of the Patna High Court, one of the oldest high courts of India, passed away in Patna. Justice Induprabha Singh became a member of the Patna High Court Bar in the year 1971 after doing LLB. After this, she lobbied the government in the High Court for 5 years, that is, stood as the standing counselor of the government.

In the same year 1990, Justice Induprabha Singh was selected for the judgeship. History was made when the President appointed him as a judge of Patna High Court on 10 July 1990. She took oath as the first woman judge of Patna High Court. By fixing the definition of Panchayati Raj and unfair, many historical and landmark decisions were given regarding their end.

Thereafter, Justice Induprabha Singh retired on 1 September 2007. Justice Singh will always be remembered for his decision to direct the Election Commission to conduct recounting of votes in Bihar's Madhepura Lok Sabha seat. Lalu Prasad Yadav was defeated in this election. The same decision of his is remembered by every person of Bihar.

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