Fitness Bracelet: How Much Is Amazfit Cor 2 Different From Xiaomi Mi Band 4, Learn More Here

The market for wearable electronics equipment is constantly growing, and manufacturers only have to do what is to keep up with the growing appetite of buyers. For Xiaomi, this is no problem and now Chinese technology giant fitness trackers offer a wide range of smart watches and you can easily get confused in all this variety. In this article, we will compare the brand new Mi Band 4 to Hey Plus and Amazfit Cor 2.

We will not compare the first version of Amazfit Cor, however, for clarity, we included it in the comparative table.

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At first glance, the devices are similar to each other and, in fact, common features can be found in all fitness trackers. Mi Band 4 is different from O Plus in details: instead of the control button on the display, it is placed at the bottom of the front panel, thus saving the useful location of the Mi Band 4 display.
The front panel design of the Amazfit Cor 2 is evenly designed, with the exception of the exception that the latter performance is quite large. But that doesn't mean the Core 2 display is better - on the contrary, with a large diagonal, the display has a lower resolution and a less bright IPS-display.
The ability to replace straps in all comparative devices, on Amazfit Cor 2 it's a bit more difficult.

special statement

While the pixel matrix display is 282 PPI, the density of Mi Band 4 and O Plus is 282 PPI, with the Amzfit Core 2 with only 145 PPI. The displays of all devices are touch-sensitive for easy operation, but using the Mi Band 4 and Hey Plus is more pleasant due to the bright and juicy AMOLED display, which is also clearly visible in the sun.

The battery capacity of Mi Band 4, Hey Plus and Amazfit Cor 2 is 125mAh, 120mAh and 160mAh respectively. In general, equipment give equal autonomy over 20 days of normal use.

Bracelets connect to the smartphone via Bluetooth, but only mi band 4 does so using the new Bluetooth 5.0 protocol, which in theory should help increase signal stability and autonomy.

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All devices received an accelerometer and a gyroscope to determine the activity, but only mi band 4 and O Plus have versions with NFC modules that can be used in Chinese stores that support Alippi. But now you can add a "Troika" card to O Plus, which will be relevant to Ukrainians and Russians. It also makes sense to buy a version with NFC, as Xiaomi recently signed an agreement with MasterCard on cooperation in Russia.


It should be noted immediately that all devices are capable of working with both Android and iOS smartphones, given special applications: Mi Fit and Amazfit Cor 2 for Mi Fit 4 and Hey Home for Hey Plus.
Well, O Plus became one of the first smart bracelets to support the management of the smart house. It is possible to assign multiple presets to control smart lights, kettle or other smart home gadgets supported by the Mi Home app.

Of course, all devices can notify the owner by the vibration of incoming calls, set notifications, alarms and timers on the display from the text output. You can start and stopwatch.
Tracking of pedometers, calorie counters, real-time pulse measurements, inactivity information and even sleep stages did not disappear anywhere in any fitness tracker.

Mi Band 4 was the introduction of a major innovation voice assistant XiaoAI, which will not work in Ukraine and Russia. However, the fact of having a microphone is expected that in future updates for Mi Band 4, users will be able to respond to incoming notifications with voice responses.

Mi Band 4 will delight its owners with a large number of interchangeable dials, new ones can be downloaded directly into the Mi Fit app. Moreover, the first custom dial will soon be visible from the general public who are fond of designing and drawing in the interface for wearable electronics. Of course, there are many dials in terms of Hey Plus and Amzfit Core 2, however, quantitatively and qualitatively, the Mi Band 4 is still far away.

In addition, Mi Band 4 focuses more on those who are passionate about the game, and offer a variety of training rights in the bracelet's interface itself. Mi Band 4 is capable of independently monitoring certain types of activity, such as hiking, running, cycling or swimming. This bracelet is dust-and waterproof, which allows you to swim or wash your hands without worrying about the safety of the gadget.

Choosing a new fitness tracker today is important to build on your sensations from a particular device, its design and philosophy. But from a technical standpoint, the most interesting proposition today is the new Mi Band 4. O Plus does not have enough support from the manufacturer and therefore the product does not develop, at least in Russia. Amazfit Cor 2 offers the full original set of requisite features from a tracker on your wrist, and, in fact, many may prefer this special option: with its design, simplicity and lack of many unnecessary functions. One way or another, but everyone has to choose for themselves. What would you choose?

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