Fitness model Emmanuel Fredenrich is making waves in the fitness and healthcare space

Aug 15 2019 12:05 PM
Fitness model Emmanuel Fredenrich is making waves in the fitness and healthcare space

When it comes to branding oneself and one’s expertise, influencer marketing is an excellent marketing tool. It is a mix between the traditional word of mouth marketing and celebrity endorsement, bringing together the best of both worlds. People automatically connect with and trust the testimonials and endorsements given by celebrity or non-celebrity social icons, giving influencing marketing a good name.

This tool has been effective across all industries, including fitness and health. The name of Emmanuel Fredenrich shines bright in the field of fitness and health. He has worked exceptionally hard to create a stronghold for himself in this niche. Not only has he stood by his fitness resolutions but he has also motivated and inspired others to do the same, making the best use of social media to do so.

Born in Geneva, Switzerland Emmanuel Fredenrich is an influencer and fitness model. He started his first internet business just at the young age of 14. He dropped out of high school at the age of 18, after starting a 7-figure health supplement company. He went on to become a fitness influencer after helping over 100,000 customers achieve their health goals with his products. He is not only seen as an inspiration for fitness goals but for thousands of aspiring influencers and gym enthusiasts. He gained massive popularity on Instagram through his fitness and modelling pictures and has fostered and built a supportive community of like-minded fitness enthusiasts. He helps other businesses build their brands and grow their revenue using the same online branding strategies he used to grow his own business and personal brand.

With a highly impressive social media presence on both instagram and facebook, he splits his time between managing his social media accounts, running his supplement business and helping clients looking for marketing help. Emmanuel’s fitness story has a left mark on his followers, but this is just the beginning. His dedication towards maintaining his fitness while looking aesthetically pleasing can easily be spotted through his photos. Most of his posts revolve around eating healthy, maintaining a healthy lifestyle whilst looking like a million bucks.

In this day and age, where stress, everyday commitments and hectic schedules have made the modern urban individual ignore his mental and physical wellbeing, inspiring accounts and social media influencers like Emmanuel Fredenrich, has provided motivation for millions to get up on their feet again. Being a known-face in the fitness and lifestyle sphere, his photos, videos and stories inspire so many to take their health and physique seriously.  Not only has his own brand name reached the ears of many, but also he has helped other aspiring fitness models to follow the path he once trod, so that they too can taste sweet success using his strategies and methods. Through his health supplement company, he has helped many fitness enthusiasts reach their ideal physique, in the most healthy and nutritious way possible.

The internet gives everyone who the courage and determination to follow their passion a platform to showcase their best self. Fredenrich has done just that and much more to help many others to realise their true potential.

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