Five ways to ensure hair growth

Jun 11 2018 03:21 PM
Five ways to ensure hair growth

Long and healthy hair is every girl’s dream. Who would not want to flaunt the long tresses?

So here are five ways to help you get your dream look:


  • TRIMMING: Our routine keeps us exposed to the ever increasing pollution, which leads to providing major damage to our hair. Split ends are one of the most usual hair issues. Split ends not just make our hair look like a broom, but also tend to reduce hair growth.


  • DO NOT SHAMPOO FREQUENTLY: Shampoo washes away the nourishing, natural hair oil, secreted by our scalp, and makes it dry, also leading to dandruff issues.


  • APPLY A CONDITIONER AFTER EVERY HEADWASH: Conditioner works to seal the hair cuticles, protecting them from any further damage. If you’ve oily hair, then you must use conditioner on the tips of your hair.


  • MASSAGE YOUR SCALP WITH OIL: oil massage not only works to relieve stress but also provides immense strength to the hair. It reduces hair loss, increases blood circulation and therefore stimulates hair growth.


  • BRUSH YOUR HAIR: Brushing your hair every night, before going to bed increases blood circulation in the scalp, also redistributes the natural oil secreted by our scalp.


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