Ground made by laying a glass bottle in place of brick in room, see the video

Often people think of glass bottles as garbage and throw them away. However, anyone can use these bottles if they want. In fact, these days, a video is making a lot of headlines on social media, which the viewers are blowing their senses. In it, some masons are seen making the ground of the room. However, the shocking thing is that they are neither using brick nor ballast to make the land. In this video, Mistry is seen preparing a floor made of glass bottles from empty glass bottles.



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Yes, and those who watched this video are in a state of shock. You all must have seen the house being built many times till today, but for this, brick, ballast, sand and cement are needed. However, have you ever seen a house being built using glass bottles in place of brick? By the way, your answer will be no. But after seeing the video that is going viral these days, you will say yes. In fact, in this video, some workers are seen laying empty bottles of beer from a line there to build the land of two rooms.

After this, they set it well and start putting sand on it and then when the ground is set, put cement masala on it and plaster it well. During this time, the labourers plaster the ground exactly as the land made of brick-ballast pieces is done. By the way, this shocking video has been shared on the social media platform Instagram on a page called techzexpress and the user wrote in the caption, 'Have your thoughts on this video.' This video has stirred people's minds." Now, who is looking at it is asking the same question, what will happen next?

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