Use Wheat Flour Or Atta As Home Remedy For Joint Pain

Aug 15 2019 04:08 PM
Use Wheat Flour Or Atta As Home Remedy For Joint Pain

Today's changed lifestyle causes a lot of discomfort in the body that gives you direction. The wrong diet does not compensate for the nutrients needed by the body. One of these troubles is joint pain that occurs in earlier times after an age. In this problem the hands, feet, knees, and fingers etc. feel pain in the joints. Nowadays people prefer to take medicines that harm the body. But we're going to tell you some domestic ways that you can do your own to alleviate these pains. So know some extremely old ways.

* First of all, knead the dough in the same way as you knead the dough to make bread.

* Roll it like a roti or roll it into a strip-like shape.

* Now add a little pure mustard oil in a small bowl and let it heat lightly.

* Add two pinch of Asafoetida when the oil is heated.

* Do not heat the oil too much or the Asafoetida will burn immediately.

* Now, if it is slightly lukewarm, apply the oil on a raw bread or strip of flour.

* Apply this bar or roti to the place where you have pain problems.

* Tie with a cloth or bandage to prevent it.

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