Viral video: Rare flying snake going viral on internet

Aug 21 2019 04:21 PM
Viral video: Rare flying snake going viral on internet

You may have seen a variety of snakes by now, but you may not have seen a flying snake that is currently going viral on social media. Recently, a snake has been spotted with a lot of buzz and the video is also going viral. A rare type of snake was spotted in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, which can fly. It was with a person who uses it to earn money.

The boy from Odisha used this snake to make money by showing people. When the forest department came to know about this, they decided to release the snake into the forest. An official from the Forest Department of Bhubaneswar said, "Possessing the snake is an offense under the Wildlife Protection Act. We are investigating and will release snakes in the forest.'" according to the Wildlife Protection Act, imposes lengthy punishment sand and heavy fines on crimes related to possession of wild animals, trade, and commerce.

These rules for all animals. But in snake cases, it is often seen that they are imprisoned and made money from their exploits. Snakes flying in South-East Asia are found. These snakes are venomous. The pointed teeth of this snake are harmful to humans. They hunt lizards, rodents, frogs, birds, and bats. Such snakes are rarely seen and people are eager to see when they come to the fore.

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