Follow these methods to avoid online shopping scam

Jun 25 2019 11:56 AM
Follow these methods to avoid online shopping scam

The trend of online shopping in India has grown rapidly. Over time, people's online shopping habit is also growing. People's trust in online shopping has increased over time. This will enable people to get all the goods they need at home. But do you know that a small mistake in online shopping can be extremely harmful to you? To avoid this, we're going to tell you a few things that you can do if you care about online hacking or any other hassle.

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Identification of a website: It's important to identify a website whenever you shop with a website. This is because many companies nowadays share fake links in the name of Amazon and Flipkart and offer ads that make people fall into their traps. Such advertisements lure expensive goods to buy at a much lower price. If you are deceived, you are sent to face a fake encounter or you are charged money. The Galaxy A50 is powered by a 4000mAh battery with a triple rear camera. The phone is also the perfect option for features and price.

This is an easy way to identify: It's important to know if the website is secure or not. If the URL of the website is initially locked in color or doesn't contain https, the website is not secure. Credit/Credit from such website Debit card or bank personal information may be stolen.

The focus on advertising on your devices is that we have a number of ads on social media platforms that offer thousands of items for Rs 100 or Rs 150. The logo of websites such as Amazon and Flipkart is also used for such messages. If viewed carefully, the URL is different. Relying on such advertising can be harmful. It also delivers fake goods to you.

For your information, these fake websites keep or more of any product in mind the market demand. If you buy a product from any website, check its label carefully. Products sold by Amazon or Flipkart are labeled flipkart assured and amazon fulfilled. If a website isn't labeled, don't buy them at all. Because this is likely to steal your information.

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