Follow these skin care tips during summer; your skin will glow like a star

Apr 15 2019 06:15 PM
Follow these skin care tips during summer; your skin will glow like a star

Skin care tips that can be followed during summer

Moisturize your skin

Apply rich moisturizer twice or thrice daily or even apply when go out in sun.

Don’t expose to sunlight

Remain indoor during noon hours. Because in noon sun rays are very strong and have great effect on the skin thus make skin dry.

Face pack

Make a paste of half cup yogurt, five tablespoons of gram flour a pinch of turmeric and five –six drops of rosewater. Apply this on the skin to avoid dryness.

Take help of natural oils

Apply a mixture of equal quantity of almond oil and vinegar before an hour of bathing.

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Exfoliate dead skin regularly

Twice a week exfoliate your skin to remove dead skin that is mainly due to strong sun rays. For exfoliation prepare a mixture of equal quantity of gram flour sandalwood powder and Multani mitti. Mix the content with rosewater and scrub the skin to avoid dryness.

Almonds for dry skin

Soak 4-5 almonds in water during night. Grind the almonds and make a smooth paste. After that add 1 tablespoon of honey. Apply on face and leave it for 10 minutes and get smooth skin.

Select appropriate soap

Right use of soaps is also a major factor to avoid the dryness of skin. As highly scented soaps are very harsh and may strip away the skin oils, thus making the skin drier. Try to use herbal and fragrance free soaps.

Keep hydrated

At last the best way to keep you hydrate drink at least 15-20 glasses of water during the day. This will help in preventing skin dryness and help the skin stay moisturized. Also wash your face with cold water 3-4 times a day.

Dry skin is extremely sensitive to the sun, wind and cold temperature. To avoid dry skin make sure that you don’t expose your skin to sun and always moisturize your skin.

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