Follow These steps to make the pantry of your dreams

The pantry is the discreet area where you keep all your extra kitchen stock. From kitchen staples to exotic ingredients, it is the place where the magic happens! So when you have a designated space to keep all your kitchen essentials, why not organise it in such a way that it becomes a breeze to find the right ingredient at the right time?

There are some tips that you should follow to effectively organise and set up your pantry. From keeping transparent containers to creating a designated area for each kind of food, here are some clever hacks to set up the pantry of your dreams! 


So you are in the middle of cooking a dish and you go to the pantry to quickly look for cornflour, but you get confused between refined flour and cornflour and end up spoiling the dish! Avoid this chaos, by labelling everything. This will not only save time but will also make your life much easier!

Opt for open shelves

If you have open shelves, the moment you step into the pantry you can easily look at the ingredients and find out what is kept where and what needs to be restocked. Open shelving is also much more convenient and less-consuming than those dull cabinets.

Have a place for everything

Have a designated space for each kind of ingredient. From snacks to spices, organise your ingredients by dividing them into different categories.

Use transparent jars

Transparent jars are easily available and incredibly handy. They make your life easier as you can immediately spot the right ingredient at the right time without having to open every jar.


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