These things should not be eaten by mistake in cold and cough, can take you closer to death!

These days it is cold and cold cough mostly increases in this season. In addition, bacterial infections also cause fever problems for people. Although taking medicine suo-wise in this season reduces fever, coughing does not relieve quickly. In view of this, doctors say that some food items can aggravate the problem of cough and mucus in the chest. Now, today, we are going to tell you about the same things.

Don't make the mistake of eating these 8 things in cough:

Milk- According to an expert, milk should be strictly avoided when coughing occurs. In fact, drinking milk increases the phlegm in the chest, which will increase coughing.

Rice- According to doctors, rice is cold and has mucus forming properties. This can aggravate the problem of cold and cough.

Sugar- Sugar should also not be consumed in case of cough. In fact, it triggers the problem of inflammation in the chest. At the same time, sugar can weaken our immune system and increase cough and cold.

Coffee- Avoid consuming caffeinated beverages if you complain of cough. In fact, caffeine acts as dehydration of the throat muscles, which can lead to more coughing problems.

Alcohol- According to doctors, alcohol, like sugar, works to increase the problem of inflammation in the chest. In fact, it is also dangerous for our white blood cells which slow down the body's wound healing process.

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