Foot scrubs that will help exfoliate dry skin.
Foot scrubs that will help exfoliate dry skin.

Meet your to-be favourite list of foot scrubs that will help exfoliate dry skin and improve skin texture. Supple skin may be a bonus and we’d love to take credit for it. 

With our favourite salon shut, we have no choice but to turn to natural  formulas at home. Exfoliating twice a week helps to remove dirt, enhance blood circulation, improve the texture of your skin, and soothe rashes. Follow these quick tips on how to make foot scrubs also referred to as skin exfoliators because your feet deserve to glow, stay clean, and super hydrated. 

Coffee scrub 


2 tbsp coffee grounds

1 tbsp yogurt 

1 tbsp sweet almond oil 


1. Whip it all together to form a thick paste. 

2. Slather and massage your feet in circular motions. 

3. Cleanse it off after 20 minutes. 

Oatmeal scrub 


2 tbsp ground oats 

1 tbsp milk 

1 tbsp aloe vera gel 


1. Combine the ingredients and apply the concoction to your feet. 

2. Keep it for 20 minutes and wash it off with lukewarm water. 

Lemon scrub 


2 tbsp lemon juice 

1 tbsp raw honey 

1 tbsp olive oil 


1. Blend all ingredients and spread the paste on your feet. 

2. Let it stay put for 20 minutes and clean it up with lukewarm water.


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