Roman Reigns loses for first time in WWE history

Something happened in the latest episode of WWE Smackdown that no one thought of. WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns suffered a crushing defeat this time. Roman suffered a crushing defeat in the tag team match against Seth Rollins. This happened when the latest episode of WWE Smackdown went off the air after which the result of the match was completely changed.

The latest episode featured a tag team match, in which a total of 6 wrestlers were scheduled to participate. The important thing is that Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins who once lived together faced each other this time. Roman Reigns' Superman punch was also seen in the contest. Bloodline has attacked both stars when the latest show of Smackdown ended. What happened after the show ended was shared on Twitter by the interesting people at the event. Roman Reigns appeared to have collapsed after the attack.

The match was finally won by the Big E, Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens team. What fans didn't expect happened and Roman Reigns lost this great match. Not only that, Roman Reigns now holds a special record, now he has become the longest-standing Universal Champion player. Earlier, the record was held by Brock Lesnar, Roman has been a universal champion for 508 days.

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