For the happiness and peace of the house, recite this mantra daily, there will be no discord

Mantras have special importance in Hinduism. These mantras are considered very powerful and beneficial. According to the beliefs, by chanting these mantras, all the desires of a person are fulfilled and the problems coming in their life are removed. Many mantras are chanted in Hindu religion for the happiness and prosperity of the house to peace in life. If you want to have peace in your life and in your family, then you must chant Shanti Mantra. Shanti Mantra is a type of prayer which is recited before or after worship, yagya or penance. The Hindu scripture Upanishad mentions many Shanti Mantras whose single recitation leads to the attainment of ultimate peace to human beings. It is said that chanting these mantras removes all the problems in life.

Shanti Mantra:-

Dyau: Shanti Antrikshen Shanti:,
Prithvi Shantirap: Shantiroshdhay: Shanti:.
Vanaspataya: Shantirvishwe Deva: Shantarbrahma Shanti:,
Sarvanshanti:, Shantireva Shanti:, Sa Ma Shantiredhi.
Shanti: Shanti: Shanti: ..

shaanti mantr ke kya laabh hain?

shaanti mantr ka jaap karane se shareer mein oorja utpann hotee hai aur shareer ke ang vyavasthit dhang se kaam karate hain. shaanti mantr ke jaap se man bhee

shaanti mantr ka jaap kab karana chaahie?

visheshagyon ke anusaar subah shaanti mantr ka jaap karana chaahie taaki poora din shaantipoorn tareeke se gujare.

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