For this reason, Do not send daughters to in-laws home on Wednesday, Know What The Rules Are

Hinduism is known for its customs, which has some rules for each act. There are many rules related to marriage that every Hindu considers. One such rule is that the daughter is not sent to the in-laws on Wednesday.  But the secrets associated with this rule are not known to many people yet. That's what we're going to tell you about today. Let us know what is the secret behind it.

- Leaving your daughter on Wednesday suffers your daughter's life is extremely painful. You should not make such a mistake if your daughter's condition on the planet Mercury is bad at all.

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- The 'Buddhist planet' is the enemy of the 'moon'. In astrology, the moon was considered to be the factor of travel and of profit to Mercury. Hence, the effect of these grohoes is also sometimes visible on the life of the person.

- Leaving the daughter on Wednesday is likely to cause some kind of accident on the way. Not only that, your daughter's relationship with her in-laws can also get worse.

- Travelling in any way on Wednesdays has been considered harmful. If Mercury is bad, chances of an accident or any negative event are increased.

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