Ford's stormy car catches speed of 241 km in just 8 seconds
Ford's stormy car catches speed of 241 km in just 8 seconds

Ford's Mustang is one of the world's best-selling cars. But what comes first in your imagination is hearing the name Mustang. Perhaps you will notice a long and two-door coupe car that is ready to hit the race line at the start line of a race and is thundering through an accelerator with brakes to heat its engine. Seeing this, any enthusiast of car racing will be filled with enthusiasm. Let's know in full detail

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The Ford Mustang that is being talked about here is quite different from a normal Mustang. Ford recently introduced its new electric car, the Ford Mustang Cobra Jet. It is an all electric car that generates power of 1381 bhp. Not only this, this car catches the speed of 241 kilometers per hour in just 8 seconds.

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This all-electric Mustang is inspired by the Mustang powered by Cobra Jet from the 1960s and Ford has decided that it will produce only 68 units of the Cobra Jet. The rear wheels of this powerful car get a torque of 1491 Nm. The prototype testing of this car is still going on and the company can debut it by the end of this year. Mark Rushbrook, global director of Ford Performance Motorsports, said, "This project was a challenge for all of us at Ford Performance, but we gladly accepted this challenge. We saw the Cobra Jet 1400 as an opportunity where we were racing. We can develop the car as an electric powertrain. We already have a lot of experience in this matter, we can achieve our old benchmark even better. "

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