Ford Recalls 550,000 Pickup Trucks Over Transmission Safety Issue, Details Inside
Ford Recalls 550,000 Pickup Trucks Over Transmission Safety Issue, Details Inside

Ford has issued a recall for over 550,000 pickup trucks in the United States due to concerns that their transmissions could unexpectedly downshift to first gear regardless of vehicle speed. This recall specifically affects certain F-150 pickups from the 2014 model year, marking a significant safety concern for owners of Ford's flagship F-Series trucks.

According to documents released by US safety regulators on Tuesday, Ford has acknowledged that the sudden downshifting can potentially lead to drivers losing control of their vehicles, thereby increasing the risk of accidents.

The recall follows an investigation initiated by US auto safety regulators earlier this year, prompted by numerous complaints about approximately 540,000 Ford pickup trucks from the 2014 lineup experiencing abrupt downshifts. This malfunction poses a serious safety hazard as it can cause the rear wheels to lock up or drivers to lose control, potentially resulting in crashes.

The underlying issue is believed to stem from a signal loss between a transmission speed sensor and the powertrain control computer. Additionally, corrosion and problems with connector pins have been identified as contributing factors to the problem.

As part of the recall, Ford dealerships will update the powertrain control software at no cost to truck owners. Notifications will be sent out to affected vehicle owners starting early July, urging them to bring their trucks in for the necessary software update.

Ford has documented 396 warranty and field reports, along with 124 customer complaints related to this issue, covering a total of 482 trucks. Among the complaints received by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 130 reported incidents, including 52 cases where rear wheels locked up or drivers lost control. Ford has confirmed two injuries and one crash potentially linked to the transmission problem based on these complaints.

The NHTSA investigation began in March following an uptick in consumer complaints regarding sudden downshifts in Ford's 2014 pickup trucks equipped with automatic transmissions. The agency is also reviewing whether these trucks should have been included in previous recalls related to similar transmission issues.

Previously, Ford had recalled certain F-150 pickups from the 2011 to 2013 model years due to comparable transmission concerns, underscoring ongoing challenges with the vehicle's transmission systems.

Ford has assured it is cooperating fully with the NHTSA investigation to address the safety concerns promptly and effectively, prioritizing the safety of its customers and the general public.

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