Ford to cut production in Meixco, reduce staff salaries, What's behind it?

Ford Motor Co is under fire due to a scarcity of crucial supplies, forcing the American automaker to declare a production decrease at its Mexico plant. This factory is where iconic vehicles like the Ford Bronco SUV and Maverick truck are made.

According to sources, a scarcity of supplies has prompted the labour union at the Ford factory in Hermosillo, Mexico, to declare a production decrease, with workers receiving 75 percent of their pay. While it's unclear which materials are in short supply, a global scarcity of semiconductor chips might be the driving force behind the move. The supply of car units to major markets may be further affected since Ford recently stated that production at its US factories in Michigan and Missouri will be stopped.

The global scarcity of microelectronic devices has put automakers throughout the world into unprecedented problems. The essential electronic component is widely used in automobiles as well as consumer devices such as phones, computers, television sets, and refrigerators, among other things. As the globe slowly recovers from the epidemic, demand for such products has increased, forcing producers to rethink their priorities. 

There is now no remedy in sight. The shortfall has had such an impact that GM, the country's largest carmaker in terms of sales, is set to surrender its crown to Toyota after nearly 90 years. But even Toyota, Hyundai, and Ford, to name a few, are under pressure. Some of the largest automakers' senior executives have gone on record as saying they don't anticipate normalcy to return until at least the end of 2022. As a result, demand for pre-owned automobiles has risen to new heights in many markets.

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