Girl who went to coma after accident regains consciousness and started speaking another language

It is said that anything can happen at any time because there is no trust in anything. Similarly, there is no faith in life. From accidents to heart attacks, there are major causes of death, but sometimes people cross these accidents and survive. The matter that is there today is related to this. Yes, in fact, it is the case of America, which is very strange. In fact, a 24-year-old girl had a terrible accident here and was so injured in the accident that she fell into a coma. However, when she regained consciousness after some time, she was speaking a language she had never read or heard.

This girl's name is Samar Diaz and she is 24 years old. The summer reportedly changed drastically after rising from a coma and her language changed completely. She now talks at the Accent of the Accident in New Zealand. At first, the nurse became suspicious of the case and asked about the girl's country. On learning that she was from California in the United States (America), the girl replied that she had nothing to do with New Zealand.

However, she is now talking about the accent of the New Zealand accident. According to reports, Samar's accident took place last year. After about 2 weeks in a coma, she regained consciousness after which she could not speak at all. However, she underwent a lot of speech therapy and then, when she started speaking, she started talking in Accent, New Zealand. It is a type of disease and is called Foreign Accent Syndrome in medical terms i.e. FAS. In this disease, the language of the people changes.

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