Former CEO Alphabet Inc says US- India AI cloud strategic tech alliance could address geopolitical and society challenges

National Security Commission on AI (NSCAI) have proposed formal US-India strategic tech alliance to address geopolitical and societal challenges using AI and emerging technology, said Eric Schmidt, former CEO, Alphabet Inc and Chairman, NSCAI. Eric Schmidt a part of the National Security Commission, has asked for the US Department of State to partner with India’s Ministry of External Affairs to hold high level meeting and use that to create concrete agenda for cooperation. 

At the 93rd FICCI Annual Convention on December 12, Schmidt said that formal US-India strategic tech alliance proposed by the commission is a critical step in the strategic refocus of US policy in the Indo-pacific region with India as its focal point. “Tech alliance will build on the already strong alliance that we have between two largest democracies and focus on implementing strategy for emerging technology in this region,” he added.

According to him, it is important to get AI right and the US cannot do this alone and this urgency is amplified as the competitors of the US see AI and power in similar landscape. The nations are facing AI charged technology competition that are being used for economic competitiveness and rivalry. To address these challenging issues and all parts of the competition, the US would need strong partnerships like India. These partnerships could reinstate competition based on fair rules. For the larger democracies like India and the US could come together for positive AI agenda.

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