Olympic athlete caught with drugs worth billions of rupees!

Former Olympic medal champion Nathan Baglay has been sentenced to 25 years in prison for drug smuggling. Nathan, 45, has won the Olympic silver medal twice. He has also been arrested by his brother Drew in the smuggling. They were trying to smuggle about 10 billion rupees of Cocaine in Australia three years ago.

The same Drew and one of his friends had traveled hundreds of kilometers and picked up 650 kg of Cocaine from a ship. When the Australian Navy police chased Drew and his friend, they were running and throwing packets of drugs. The Navy police had recovered 30 packets. It may be recalled that this 650 kg white powder contained 512 kg pure Cocaine. According to the market value, the price of this Cocaine can be about $95 million to $147 million, meaning about 10 billion rupees.

Nathan was arrested in 2019. Nathan had used the boat in this drugs mission. Nathan had also used a GPS system and telephone satellite kit in the boat. Supreme Court Judge N Lions said that these former Olympic players were seriously involved in the drug business and could have benefited a lot from their mission. He told Nathan's brother, the doer of the mission, that both the brothers were playing important roles in the mission.

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