Former US President Bill Clinton gets urine infection, admitted to ICU

Washington- Former US President Bill Clinton has been admitted to hospital after his health suddenly deteriorated. A U.S. spokesperson said that former President Bill Clinton has been admitted to the ICU of the University of California Irwin Medical Center for urinary infection (Trinary Tract Infection). According to a joint statement by his doctors and Dr Alpesh Amin, president of medicine at Irwin Medical Center, 'He was admitted to the ICU for close surveillance and given IV antibiotics and fluids. He's in the hospital for constant monitoring.'

Dr Lisa Bardek, the former president's private primary physician, said Clinton was present at the ICU for privacy and security, not because he needs intensive care, he is currently fine, interacting with family and staff. Doctors said, 'After two days of treatment, his white blood count is decreasing and antibiotics are having a good effect. California's medical team is in constant contact with the president's New York-based medical team. We hope he'll go home soon.' Bill Clinton was in California on Tuesday for a private program of his foundation. He was admitted to the hospital after the test on feeling tired.

Doctors at the former president said urinary infections are quite common and are easily treated in people of this age. Clinton will be given antibiotics by Friday. Doctors said all their tests are normal. Bill Clinton served as the 42nd President of the United States from 1993 to 2001. The former president has faced health problems after Clinton left the White House in 2001. He underwent quad bypass surgery in 2004 after prolonged chest pain and breathing problems. In 2005, Bill Clinton went to the hospital for partially poor lung surgery. This was followed by a pair of stents in his coronary artery in 2010.

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