The 'anti-national stage' has caused the country's evil..., former Vice President Hamid Ansari said again.

New Delhi: From the platform of the organisation which is accused of inciting riots in the country and its links to the Pakistani agency ISI, Hamid Ansari attacked the Modi government at the Centre, saying there have been attempts in recent years to replace civic nationalism with cultural nationalism. Hamid Ansari, who was the Vice President of the country, said that intolerance based on religion is being promoted by projecting a religious majority as a political monopoly. Hamid Ansari is the uncle of Mukhtar Ansari, who is lodged in Banda jail. He is the same Mukhtar Ansari, who has 40 heinous cases registered against him including murder, rioting and so on.


Hamid Ansari said this during a virtual event in Washington on the occasion of Republic Day. He was accompanied by a US Senator and three members of the Lower House, the US Congress. The head of the US International Religious Freedom Commission also participated in the event. At an event on the theme of 'Protection of the Pluralistic Constitution' of the country, Hamid Ansari and others spoke about the inflammatory speeches against minorities, the alleged use of the UAPA Act and the arrest of Kashmiri activist Khurram Parvez.


However, all such claims are heavily rejected by the Government of India. The government, citing its democratic record, said its parliamentary system and laws are completely transparent. The Government of India has also been projecting regular and transparent elections in the country as a success of democracy before the world.

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