Check out these tips before purchasing a foundation

Aug 15 2019 01:08 PM
Check out these tips before purchasing a foundation

Every girl likes to use the foundation to make the face beautiful. But it can lead to acne on the face, also known as beauty experts. But that doesn't mean you just stop using makeup products. Keep an eye on content in your foundations. Whenever you go to buy such things, learn a few things about them.

* Artificial Color - Artificial colors in your cosmetics can irritate your face and cause acne beyond that. See F and C in the content on the foundation labels to see if it contains the color.

* Lanolin - If your skin is oily, do not apply a foundation that contains lanolin as it can cause you acne. Well, it can be used on dry skin. So if you have dry skin, you don't need to be afraid of such a foundation.

* Mineral Oil - Avoid any foundation that uses mineral oil. It forms a layer on your skin and does not allow bacteria and dead skin cells to get out of the mouth.

* Isopropyl myristate - This element may not only make your skin look sticky but also turn off your pores. This can increase the skin's acne and cause irritation.

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