62 years ago, millions of sparrows died due to China's mistake
62 years ago, millions of sparrows died due to China's mistake

Many such terrible and painful events have happened in history, knowing about which one will tremble. One such terrible incident took place in China 62 years ago, in which millions of people were killed in this incident and there was a fault of their own behind this terrible catastrophe, which was later tried to rectify. This incident is also known as 'Great Chinese Femina'. There is hardly any Chinese citizen who would not know about this incident.

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This is from 1958. Mao Zedong, who was then in power, was also known as Mao Se-Tung. He started a campaign, which is known as the 'Four Pest Campaign'. As part of this campaign, he ordered the killing of four creatures (mosquito, fly, rat and sparrow bird). They said that these four creatures waste the hard work of the farmers, they eat all their grains present in the fields. Now since it was a bit difficult to kill mosquitoes, flies and mice, because they easily hide somewhere, but sparrow birds have a habit that they always like to live among humans. So she became a victim of Mao Zedong's order and was searched and killed all over China. Even their nests were uprooted so that no one could survive.

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People would blow the sparrow out of its place by playing utensils, tins or drums and do not let it sit anywhere, till it gets tired of flying and falls from the sky and dies. Not only this, but the number of sparrows who killed a sparrow was also rewarded equally. In this greed, Chinese people sat doing what hardly anyone expected. In 1960, Mao Zedong changed his mind on killing sparrows when a famous Chinese ornithologist Sho-shin Cheng told him that sparrows eat large numbers of grains as well as insects that harm them. Meanwhile, instead of increasing the rice yield in China was steadily decreasing, after which Mao ordered that sparrows should not be killed but insects eating grains instead of them should be killed.

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