Foxconn iPhone plant violence breaks out as workers protest their working conditions

Beijing: Photos and videos posted on social media platforms by two workers at the world's largest iPhone factory operated by Foxconn Technology Group in central China's Zhengzhou city show violent clashes between workers on Tuesday night and Wednesday.

In a video clip, hundreds of activists can be seen marching down a street waving sticks and bricks at riot police in front of them. In another video, a wall of people wearing hazmat suits surround a large group of workers by the side of the road.

In another video, workers can be seen using steel bars, chairs and fire extinguishers to destroy a COVID-19 testing kiosk, as they are told to "Break it!"

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In a statement, Foxconn, also known as Hon Hai Precision Industry, claimed there had been "violence" at the factory and widespread public protests.

The Taiwanese business claimed that "some new employees" at the Zhengzhou campus had complained to the business about work allowances.

The company issued a statement on Wednesday saying, "The company will continue to communicate with the employees and the government regarding the violence so that such incidents can be prevented from happening again."

According to two former employees at the Foxconn Zhengzhou plant, who requested anonymity and were in touch with former co-workers, hundreds of workers rushed out of their dorms on Tuesday evening and tore down steel fences in front of buildings because they felt That company is broke. some recruitment promises

As per reports, a former employee claimed that the terms of "retention allowance" have been changed to stay at the plant till February 15, 2023. To receive the bonus, employees now have to stay until March 15 - an extra month.

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"According to Foxconn, the allowance has always been given based on contractual obligations and [we] will continue to communicate with employees on this issue," the company said in a statement.

According to two employees, who asked not to be identified because of the sensitivity of the situation, other complaints included anger over the alleged arrangements the company required some employees to share dormitories with co-workers who had been confirmed with COVID-19 . Foxconn denied this claim and insisted that all dorms were clean before the new employees arrived.

Local official media flashed images of a smooth resumption of production at the Foxconn Zhengzhou plant after a previous exodus of thousands of workers due to the Covid-19 outbreak, prompting violent scenes.

Earlier this month Apple issued a rare warning about a reduction in shipments of iPhone 14 models as a result of the exodus of workers.

The flare-up brings to light the conundrum of maintaining normal production while maintaining China's zero-tolerance policy towards COVID-19.

Foxconn plants have been forced to implement draconian controls, such as quarantining new employees for several days and enforcing strict isolation policies, as well as maintaining peak operating levels of production.

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According to one of the Post's employees, who left the Foxconn campus when the first positive COVID-19 cases were reported, conditions inside the plant had turned "worse" in recent weeks, resulting in chaos from draconian strikes brought Was. control.

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