Women are committing suicide every day in this Islamic country, know what's the reason?

Kabul: One or two women are committing suicide every day in Afghanistan. The former deputy speaker of the Afghan parliament has made this claim. He said that lack of opportunity and ill-fated mental health is taking a heavy toll on Afghani women. This was revealed during a debate on the issue of women's rights at the Human Rights Council (HRC) in Geneva.

The HRC has met to discuss the status of women's rights after the Taliban seized power in Afghanistan. The meeting comes at a time when Afghan women are witnessing the biggest abuse of their rights in decades. Fozia Kufi, a former deputy speaker of the Afghan parliament, said: "At least one or two women have committed suicide every day because of lack of opportunity and mental health pressures. Girls under the age of 9 are being sold not only because of economic pressure but also because there is no hope left for them. This is not normal and women in Afghanistan are not there to bear all this.'' 

United Nations Human Rights (UNHRC) President Michelle Bachelet has strongly condemned the huge unemployment of Afghan women, the restrictions imposed on how they dress and the disruption of their access to basic services. Women's-owned businesses have been completely shut down after the Taliban seized power in August 2021. Bachelet has said that 1.2 million girls no longer have access to secondary education.

Afghanistan was already an Islamic country, but the country has become more Islamic after the Taliban took over. In such a situation, many things like women going to the park with men, and eating with them in restaurants have been banned, as well as the right of girls to education has also been abolished to a great extent. In such a situation, the women there feel like helpless birds in a cage and this is one of the major reasons for committing suicide. But Muslim countries around the world are silent on this and are watching the deaths of Muslim women as mute spectators.

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