Framed Hindu girl with fake identity, said after forced marriage- Do 'Halala' with my brothers...

Lucknow: A sensational case of love jihad has come to light from Ambedkar Nagar district of Uttar Pradesh. Here a young man named Shabam posing as Shyamu first trapped the Hindu girl in his love trap and then married her in the temple. After a week of marriage, he pressurized the girl to marry and become a Muslim and offer Namaz. When the girl did not do so, the young man gave her triple talaq. According to media reports, now Shabam is forcing his wife to perform Halala with the brothers.

At the same time, the victim's family is wandering from door to door to get justice. The victim has alleged that even after complaining to the police, no action has been taken against Shabam. The Superintendent of Police was also informed about this, but there was no help from his side. It is being told that the girl of Sairpur Umran village of Malipur police station has a relative in Hardilpur of Sammanpur. Shabam, a resident of Milkipur under Powai police station in Azamgarh, posed as Shyamu and started visiting the girl's house with her brother Sunil. Slowly he caught the girl in his love trap and convinced her entire family to get married.

According to the victim, her marriage was postponed due to the lockdown, so she had to get married on July 10, 2020, at the Mathia temple in Jalalpur town. After a week of marriage, Shabaam started pressurizing the girl to marry, convert and offer Namaz. Along with the family, Muslim women around also started pressurizing him to offer Namaz and Kalma. When he resisted, he was also beaten up. Even after all this, when the girl did not agree, Shabam gave her triple talaq, but did not let her go out of the house. He also snatched the mobile of the girl. Meanwhile, Shabaam forced her to perform halala with her brother Mehdi Hassan and Sharif, saying that she would remarry.

Somehow the young woman managed to escape from the man's house and reached her father. He narrated his own past to them. After this, the victim's family lodged a complaint against Shabam in Malipur police station, but they allege that instead of taking action, the police scolded them and drove them away. At the same time, when Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) came to know about this matter, he warned to take the entire episode to CM Yogi. After which the police started investigating the case, although no arrest has been made so far.

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