Bar-cafes and schools to be opened in France, President says "Happy first victory over Corona"
Bar-cafes and schools to be opened in France, President says

Paris: The global epidemic Coronavirus has put up a challenge to the whole world, from which no country has been successful in overcoming it. The situation has become such that the lockdown that has been going on for months has created a livelihood crisis. France, one of Europe's most corona-affected countries, has also opened its doors. French President Emmanuel Macron has issued an order to open the restaurant from the outskirts.

In France, these decisions have been taken when there has been a great decline in the spread of coronavirus. The ban of lockdown on life for almost three months has now been lifted. On Sunday, President Emmanuel said that nursery, primary and junior high schools will be opened from June 22. Not only this, but attendance mandate has also been done. Restaurants in Paris have been opened. The boundaries have also been opened. Passengers from European countries have been allowed to come to France. While those coming from other countries will be allowed from 1 July. Earlier in May, many restrictions were removed in France and people started coming out of their homes.

However, travellers in Britain and Spain have been asked to be self-quarantined. On the other hand, the entry of people from other countries including American and Asian countries has not been opened yet. With these relief announcements, President Emmanuel also mentioned the danger of coronavirus. He said that the war against the Coronavirus epidemic is not over yet, but I am happy for the first victory against it.

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